Release 4 almost here

Release 4 almost here

Extremely sorry for the long delay but the release 4 of the DirecTV remote control for Windows 8 and Surface is almost ready.



400 and Thanks

Unexpected download peak for the weekend more than 30 dowloads just on Sunday.



Thanks to all the users that spend the time to download and try the application and in particular to the 17 good souls that rated and reviewed (yes, even the 7 that gave it 1 star… I suppose I deserve those because in Release 1 I tried to keep the network permissions too low and PCs didn’t like it: the Surfaces seem to be a bit more relaxed about. My bad for not testing the things as I should). But now I would really love more ratings.

LBNL Special thanks to the buyers: new features are coming.

Back to Italy

Ok, Release 4 delaying a bit because the travel back to Italy, jetlag, star alignment…


Time to go back work. Planning to submit the update on Wednesday, that mean probably Friday in the store


Almost 400…

The DIRECTV Remote application is doing pretty well on the Microsoft Windows 8 Store.
On the September 12th is already at 360 downloads:
I hope to hit 400 before the end of the weekend on the 15th.


Im a bit boomed out by the rating system. Like in every other store it doesn’t let me give any answer to the reviewer and feel pretty frustrated to not being able to deal with peoplee that get the time to write a note for me (positive or negative). I really wish Microsoft would understand and open up a bit the system there.
Im almost tempted to just create an alternative web place for people to hang out with developers and start talking about features or problems of the different applications.


Integration with INTEGRA/ONKYO home theatre units


I’m pondering to put some integration with AV equipment from Integra/Onkyo  in the DIRECTV Remote application to control the volume without any other remote or separate app.

The Integra/Onkyo part would be based on one of my older project:

YAIntegra Remote


Thoughts about merging DVR remote control with INTEGRA/ONKYO

Thoughts about merging DVR remote control with INTEGRA/ONKYO

I’m pondering to put some integration in the DIRECTV Remote to control the Volume directly.


Release 4: TV-Rating and show/channel info

DIRECTV Remote Control over the network Release 4 is almost ready.


I’m testing new layouts and I’ll introduce some customization  of the keys positions and I hope Ill be able to complete a decent implementation of multi DVRs support.